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Nega Mogeko
Vital statistics
Position Player
Age ???
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height ???
Weight ???

Nothing really
King mogeko


Nega-Mogeko, later known as Defect Mogeko (異端 モゲコ), is one of the seven special Mogekos, and is King mogeko's opposite. He guards the 7th floor. Throughout the game, he helps Yonaka through the different floors.


Although he has the basic form of a regular Mogeko, there are some notable differences. His skin has a greenish tint to it (possibly from being "an opposite"), and he has two major scars: one on his right cheek, and an X-shaped one on his chest. His left ear was ripped off in a struggle with the Mogekos.


Although he acts very cool, Defect Mogeko seems to get flustered easily, yelling at Yonaka whenever she sees him in compromising situations (being fluffy, hungry, etc.). This ties into his tenacious personality – he never gives up fighting.

He seems very sarcastic and cynical, particularly towards the Mogekos. Often, he can be seen calling them "stupid" or "morons". Despite this, he genuinely cares for Yonaka.


Yonaka Kurai[]

Helped her along the journey. Looks like having a crush with her.

King mogeko[]

Used to get along well. Broke their relationship later. It then revealed, Mogeko King and Nega-Mogeko is a one self in two bodies.


An old friend of Nega-Mogeko. Has a relationship with him.