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"...It makes me think of the past. Things were so peaceful then....."

Vital statistics
Position NPC
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cluck cuckoo
Cluck cluck cluck

Mogecuckoo is one of the seven special Mogekos and is located in the chief library. He acts like a chicken and adds "cuckoo" to his phrase instead of "Moge". The chicken part is actually not a costume; he was born with that body. 


Mogecuckoo's face appears the same as every other Mogeko. However, the body is shown chicken-like and ovular, resembling an egg. Its arms are chicken wings with white feathers, and the legs have become chicken feet.


Mogecuckoo is kind and wise, but acts like a chicken. He wants to help Yonaka escape and isn't very perverted, nor does he have a high sexual desire. He protects others and works very hard to save the library from being destroyed by King mogeko. He is friendly to Yonaka and the other special Mogekos, and wishes for the peaceful days of the past. He looks like a raky


Mogecuckoo is the special Mogeko of Floor 6, and is the chief librarian. He helps Yonaka and Defect Mogeko by lending his warp egg so they could get to the next floor, but is shown to have been injured by the journey when King mogeko attacks. He does not make an appearance afterwards, leaving his status unknown. He may be dead, but it's also possible he survived. He makes small appearances in his flashback, and shows up again when Defect Mogeko explains to Yonaka about the Seven Special Mogekos. Moreover, he is shown when you get the opportunity to kill at least one of the seven Mogekos and obtain the normal ending. He appears in front of the "Path of Paradise", in front of three crosses.