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General Mogekov Hashasky
動画:予告008 1.png
Vital statistics
Position NPC
Age ???
Status Presumably Alive
Physical attributes
Height ???
Weight ???

Making snowmen
Frozen yogurt
Scary people...

Mogekov Hashasky ( モゲコフ・ハスハスキー) is a minor character on "Mogeko Castle" game. It will probably take a protagonist role at Mogeko Castle sequel, Mogeko Castle Gaiden. It was born in Mogekov Kremlin, and looks like a russian Mogeko. He was kidnapped and sealed by Moge-ko. A general and leader looks like.


Hashasky is a Mogekov species. It looks like a normal Mogeko but with a white body. It wears a fluffy, cadet-blue colored hat at the sides, dark blue in middle, which is adorned with a with yellow shaped Mogeko part. It also wears some kind of fluffy dark blue scarf. 


It's personality is not really seen in the Mogeko Castle game. He just have a cameo at some part of the game. But he looks like a bit timid, also behave leader personality like. He is a proud general, eager to return to his country, and never admitting his weakness


Altough it just having a cameo at the game, it will probably be a protagonist in Mogeko Castle Gaiden. You first hear Hashasky cry inside a jail, Yonaka then take a hammer and broke the door that seal Hashasky. After that, Hashasky will grateful to Yonaka and go away. He then appear again at Bonus Room and having it own game trailer.