Mogeko Castle Wiki
Shinya Kurai
Vital statistics
Position Enemy
Age 19-20
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 171 cm
Weight 51-70 kg


Shinya Kurai (倉井 シンヤ) is the brother of Yonaka Kurai, and the tertiary main antagonist of Mogeko Castle. Something happened in his past. Details are uncertain.


Shinya wears a black high school uniform with gold buttons. He has black hair parted to the left and grey eyes. When acting as an enemy, his eyes turn red.


Shinya is a cold person. Like his sister, he doesn't talk much and has a mysterious personality. From Yonaka's viewpoint, Shinya is a gentle person who has always cared for her. He is deeply devoted to his sister. When acting as an enemy, he is still relatively quiet, but when he does speak, it's very apparent that he is a deeply disturbed individual, murdering his and Yonaka's parents seemingly without remorse. This "split personality" is most likely due to the unclear event in his past.


Yonaka Kurai - Shinya's little sister. He loves her very much when not in murder mode. However, due to his split personality, he attempts to kill her. Even so, the pair love each other, though it is unknown if he loves his little sister to the almost incestuous degree that she loves him.