Mogeko Castle Wiki


The Prologue will go straight. In the train, choose "Yes" when you interact with the chair that has a red arrow. Wait until the cutscene ends, and go to the right. In the forest entrance, you must run away from Mogeko, or the game will end. Go inside the Mogeko's Castle and at the door choose "Go Inside". 

Floor I: "Welcome to Mogeko Castle!"[]

There will be a cutscene of Yonaka and her brother walking home. After that, go explore the castle. When you enter the dining room, go inside the room in down-right one. After that, hide at the uppermost box before the time runs out. Wait for the cutscene to end, and read the note on the ground. After that, go to the door in the upper-right side. Walk along the path, let the mad mogeko go around, it will not do anything to you. Escape through the dark path, and go to the other door in the left side of stairs. Talk to the Somewhat Strange Mogeko in tea room, it will give you a knife (note that you also can kill him after the cutscene). Interact with the Mogekos that guarding at the stairs and choose "Yes". Go upstairs and walk to the left. Go to the upper doorway one and walk along.

Floor II: "Bread? Rice? Prosciutto!"[]

The flashback will appear again, after that, walk along the Red Road. When a Mogeko ecounters you, you can choose this two choice: "A breadboard!" or "Hell if i know!". Continue walking until you find the door. Walk along the path, you still can interact with Mogekos around. After the cutscene, run in the maze. Just go straight to right, then up  and up again. Keep running, when there are a door, go down, then left. Go up, choose to walk in the topmost path and go to the door. Go again to the door after that, then walk. When there are two road, go up, talk with Prosciutto Fairy, it will give you a key (you also can kill it). Go back and go to the road in right side, then go up to the uppermost door. Walk along the hall and go to the next door. Climb the stairs and  choose "Yes".

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